Spray Tanning

Exposed spray tan! 

Exposed Spray Tan  

Exposed spray tan is one of the most natural looking tans on the market. Delivering that perfect glow every time,thanks to its adaptable tanning technology. Get a perfect tan in as little as 3hours with the express tan.


Full Body Spray tan         £32.00

Why Exposed Spray Tan?

No orange tans here! No horrible smell!

Subtle colour guide so you can carry on

with your day while the tan develops!

Leaving Just gorgeous a beautiful

natural tan!

How long will my Exposed sunless tan last?

Your tan will last around 5-10 days depending on your daily skincare routine and lifestyle. A sunless tan fades just like a real tan from the sun. As your skin sheds dead cells, your tan will fade. So the key is to moisturise with Exposed Daily Moisture Lock, To help maximise the life of your tan 


Can I tan outdoors whilst wearing an Exposed spray tan?

Yes! you can do both if you choose, but you need to remember that a spray tan will not give you any protection from the suns harmful UV light. When outdoors I recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. Remember that the sun dries your skin out, reducing the longevity of your spray tan. Lots of people will have a spray tan before their beach holiday so that they can start off looking tanned and fabulous from day 1! 


What do I need to do to prepare for my tanning session?

To get the best results from your Exposed tan, you need to prepare your skin by Exfoliating to remove your dead skin cells to give your tan the best base to go onto, exfoliating will allow your tan to get straight to work on fresh skin cells, making your tan last longer!


Client’s tend to arrive in the following 

Flip flops to save ankle marks from shoes or boots 

Loose dark clothing

Clients tend to leave their jewellery at home to save any marks from jewellery

Hair up if they have long hair


What will happen during my treatment?

On your very first tanning session, I will ask you a few questions and ask you to fill out a consultation card whilst discussing your requirements.  I will then give you a few minutes to get undressed and and remove any jewellery. 


Next, a barrier cream will be applied to your hands and the tops of your feet, and any dry areas to prevent them from tanning too much. The spraying will take around ten minutes to complete and an additional couple of minutes to dry. for your spraying you will stand in a tanning cubicle I am experienced and qualified and will explain what is happening at each stage. During your treatment you will see a golden/bronze colour on your skin. This is a guide to see whilst spraying. It will develop over the next few hours into a gorgeous sunless tan. The guide colour may wash off during your initial shower.


How dark will I get?

The wonderful part of Exposed Spray Tanning is that we have  different strengths of DHA and I will advise you of the best one for your skin tone, bearing in mind how dark you want to go. 


What should I wear for after my treatment?

Loose fitting dark clothing would be best, anything too tight may rub the colour guide off onto your clothing, any colour can usually be washed off in a normal wash but please bear in mind that materials have the potential to stain

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